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About My Choice My Future (MCMF)

My Choice My Future (MCMF) is a one-of-a-kind self-assessment tool developed indigenously to fit the students and youngsters in India and abroad. MCMF helps students/youngsters understand their personality better to make an informed career choice. MCMF is well suited for high school, higher secondary, college students, and young working professionals seeking a change in their career. MCMF helps students/youngsters understand his/her strengths, passion, and interest and this will minimize their stress in studying and working.

MCMF had taken its shape from research. MCMF assesses an individual on twelve personality traits. These twelve personality traits are classified into basic personality traits (Reliability / Responsibility, Determination/Focus, Independence, and Discipline) and career-oriented personality traits (Adaptability/Versatility, Adventurous / Risktaking, Analytical, Communicative / Expressive, Compassion / Generosity, Creativity / Imaginative, Hands-on, Extrovert).

The Features

  • Self Understanding and Self Improvement
  • Helps understand one’s strengths
  • Maps with suitable career clusters
  • Statistically tested, validated and developed in collaboration with faculty and alumni of IIT Madras
  • Simple and easy to use tool
  • Available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada
  • MCMF will have an impact on Employability
  • This tool benefits learners across all age groups (12y to 25y)

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Course Fee: INR 900 | INR 500