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Genius: Best Learning Apps for Toddlers

The current scenario of the world is quite competitive and it poses a challenge on a common man to cope up with it along with changing times. One such example is coping up with advancing technology and its exposure to children. Parents and teachers are in a constant dilemma as to what extent can they allow digitalisation to impact their Lil ones.
The Educational sector is also swirled by the impact of digitalisation on it. Online learning is thus growing at a tremendous speed.
With everyone embracing the new normal of online learning, G-TEC Group of Institutions is one of the well- known names in education networks introduced – Genius offline learning app.

Genius series is an offline learning app which runs without internet, yes, it’s the only app which requires no internet, no wifi or data connection to use it. Made for classes kg to +2, including syllabus of CBSE, ICSE boards, it is loaded with unique features to help your Lil toddler learn and excel with fun.


GTec Genius Series Offline Learning App - kids learning app

Features of the best Educational Apps for Toddlers

– No Internet Required – Genius series offline learning app is the only learning app which runs without internet. Your child can thus learn in a worry-free environment without the hassle of internet connection, poor connection or low data balance.

– Live Learning Classes – Just theoretical lessons can be quite boring & cumbersome for your Lil toddler. Genius Series Offline Learning App offers live learning classes which are interactive and makes learning interactive for your child.

– Includes Various Academic Syllabus – Genius offline learning app supports both – CBSE/ICSE board education. Entire academic syllabus is included and the same is taught via the help of various multimedia tools.

– Assessments – Getting your child clear with the basics from the start is quite important for further tougher concepts & learning. Genius offline learning app for kids therefore offers Assessments after every chapter to check your child’s status of understanding it and see whether any extra guidance is needed for the same.

– Innovative Learning – Audio & visuals make learning interesting & easy to understand. Moreover, solving various puzzles via multi-level games makes your child’s brain sharp & aware. The genius app has an innovative learning technique for toddlers which enables gamified learning with amazing visuals and audio-video support.

– Voice Notes – Rhymes, alphabets, numbers, etc which your Lil master needs to memorise, are also offered in voice notes format. It can be paused and rewind and learnt at one’s own pace.

– Easy to OperateGenius offline learning app for toddlers is easy to operate and manageable by parents and teachers. Its features are simple, unique & easy to understand.

– Cost-Effective – When compared to annual tuition fees of your child, Genius offline learning app is a better choice as it is economical and doesn’t include an extra -costs.

– Subjects Included – Genius learning app includes subjects like basic mathematics, rhymes, English, moral science, and languages for your toddler.

Just like at school, your toddler can learn and write letters, alphabets, poems and numbers, shapes, fruits, birds, animals, cartoons, flowers, places, habits, moral science, etc with ease and convenience with Genius educational app for toddlers.

So, what are you waiting for? Install the app today.