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Genius: Best Learning Apps for Students

When the world is embracing the digital platform for expansion, awareness and growth of the business, the educational sector is also gearing towards the same. Online learning is fast growing in the country via various digital platforms like website, apps etc.

GTec Genius Learning App - Gtec Young Genius (for Classes 1 to 4)

Amidst the digital cut-throat competition, GTEC – a well- known name in the educational arena has launched a unique offline learning app – Genius, which is simply boon for the students as it runs without internet.
Made for classes kg to +2, including syllabus of CBSE, ICSE boards, it is loaded with unique features to help students learn and excel with fun and pride.


GTec Genius Learning App - Gtec Young Genius (for Classes 5 to 7)

Features of Genius: Best Education Apps for Students

Offline Learning without Internet – Digitalisation has certain cons too which we face in our daily lives like poor connectivity, low data balance or no wifi connection. Overcoming all these, Genius learning app was built without the internet functionality making it easier to access from anywhere anytime.

– Affordable by All – As Genius offline learning app runs without internet, it is quite cost-effective and can be affordable by all sections of the society. A student doesn’t have to let go off on studies due to affordability issues.

– Includes CBSE/ICSE Syllabus –Genius offline learning app supports both – CBSE as well as ICSE board education pattern.

– Student-Friendly – Students can easily understand the features, and can repeat the lectures until they understand it properly and clear their doubts, which generally the shy students hesitate to do in a classroom study.


GTec Genius Learning App - Gtec Super Genius (for Classes 8 to 10)


– Live Learning Classes –Many subjects which include practical or experiments, are best understood via a live class that makes it easier for students to see and interpret. Thus, Genius learning app is truly a boon for students. It is the best learning app for students.

– Quick & Accurate AssessmentsGenius educational apps for students gives quick & accurate assessments. After completion of every chapter in every subject, various assessments are designed to know students status of understanding it and see whether any extra guidance is needed for the same.

– Voice Notes –For lengthy and explanative theorems of mathematics, experiments in science and events of history, the Genius app supports voice notes which prove fruitful for memorising and understanding. Hence, students & teachers can easily succeed in acing the revisions.

– Innovative & Conceptual Learning –Unlike boring learning of classrooms with chalk and pen, Genius support various appealing audio, visuals and gamified conceptual method of learning which the brain captures easily and remembers for a longer time.

– Easy Operation – Not only for students but Genius offline learning app is easy to operate for teachers as well. It’s simple and amazing features make it easily manageable.

– Economical Compared to Tuition Fees – Compared to the tuition fees of personal and coaching classes, Genius is economical and doesn’t make a hole in your pocket.


GTec Genius Learning App - Gtec Super Genius (for Classes 11 to 12)

– Subjects Included

Includes subjects like Science, Maths, English, Dictionary and more compatible with appropriate educational board and academics.
Learn with ease, efficiency and convenience with genius offline learning app, a teacher-student friendly app apt for digital learning from anywhere, anytime.
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