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Genius: Best Learning Apps for Kids

Education is every child’s birthright and it’s quite necessary to get the right education in today’s fast-paced competitive world. In the current scenario, with digital learning gearing up its speed, it has become necessary for not only students but also parents and teachers to stay upgraded with the evolving technology.

G-TEC Group of Institutions is one of the well- known names in education networks proudly introduces – Genius offline kids learning app. In the Digital age, where the world is acing while learning things via the internet, there are certain cons of it too, like connectivity issues, wifi- data connection issues, no network, etc. Genius was built to overcome these and offer your child a worry-free learning environment.

Genius is an offline learning app which runs without internet, yes, it’s the only app which requires no internet, no wifi or data connection to use it.
Made for classes kg to +2, including syllabus of CBSE, ICSE boards, and state boards. It is loaded with unique features to help your child learn and excel with fun and pride.

Here we shall know more about G-TEC LITTLE GENIUS FOR CLASSES PRE-KG, LKG, UKG (3 Years): Kids have an amazing grasping power and take in whatever they see real fast, keeping this in mind, GTEC’s Genius series offline learning app for kids is designed with Visual/auditory and practice-based learning, Gamified Learning, Alluring animations, Academics puzzles, Rhymes, Stories and More to enhance the learning experience unlike the boring sessions with chalk & pen. It includes academic subjects like Languages, Science, GK, Mathematics, Letter, Kids Learning Alphabet writing and pronunciations- English and 7 regional languages and Rhymes which are taught via innovative techniques, Video classes and other multimedia channels.

There are many English apps for kids available on the internet, but Genius is the best English learning app for kids among all.

If we talk about kids math learning, there are some math apps for kids free available on the internet, but no one is as unique and attractive as the Genius app because it is the best kids maths app.

Genius is an offline abc app for kids, it helps in abcd kids learning with fun. It contains kids learning colors and kids learning cartoons which plays a lead role in learn to read for kids.

For kids numbers learning (123 kids learning), Genius is the best kids reading apps.

For kids learning spelling of words, Genius play a major role as it is a very nice spelling app for kids.


GTec Genius Series Offline Learning App - kids learning app

Features of Genius: Best Educational Apps for Kids

– Runs without Internet: Genius series offline learning app is the only digital learning app that work without internet connection. Hence, no hassle of connectivity issues, data and wi-fi. So, learning without internet is possible now with this app.

– Includes CBSE/ICSE/ State board Syllabus – Whether your child is enrolled for CBSE/ICSE or State board education, Genius offline learning app supports all.

– Live Learning Classes – Not just video and audio based lectures or tutorials but Genius app supports live learning classes which makes studying interactive and your child can thus grasp quickly and learn things easily.

– Chapter-wise Assessments – Assessments after every chapter to check your child’s status of understanding it and see whether any extra guidance is needed for the same.

– Voice Notes – The genius app offers the functionality of voice notes through which children can revise and memorise chapters as and when necessary, they can pause and rewind and learn at their own pace.

– Appealing Visuals with Gamified Learning – The genius app has an innovative learning technique which enables gamified learning with amazing visuals and audio-video support. This makes learning fun and interesting.

– Easy to OperateGenius offline learning app for kids is easy to operate and manageable by parents and teachers without wasting much of their time. Its features are simple, unique & easy to understand.

– Economical Compared to Tuition Fees – Genius offline learning app is economical when compared to the tuition fees one pays for the entire year.

– Subjects Included –
Genius learning app includes subjects like Language, Science, GK, Mathematics, Rhymes and more.
From letters to alphabets to poems and numbers, shapes, fruits, birds, animals, cartoons, flowers, places, habits, moral science, etc all that your child need as basic learning is covered in Genius educational app for kids.

Gift your child a worry-free environment to study without the hassle of internet issues with the best offline Learning app Genius. Install it today.