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Genius: Best Educational App for Teachers

The world would be just like a futile land without education. Education is what drives a person, a society and a nation towards the development of self and others. Teachers play an important role in educating the society with their thorough dedication & efforts of imbibing proper knowledge of different subjects to their students. In an advancing era where classrooms are quickly being replaced by digital/online learning, teachers have to match the pace and upgrade themselves to the new way of teaching online.
To aid teachers & professors, G-TEC Group of Institutions being one of the well- known names in education networks has launched – Genius offline learning app, an educational app for teachers and students.
Genius series is an offline learning educational app which runs without internet, yes, it’s the only app which requires no internet, no wifi or data connection to use it. Made for classes kg to +2, including syllabus of CBSE, ICSE boards, it is a boon to teachers and professors, which not only aids them in teaching but increases their knowledge in the trending teaching patterns too.


Features of the Top Digital Teacher App

Offline Learning without Internet – An offline learning app where teachers can teach without worrying about the hassle of internet connection, poor connection or low data balance.

– Personal Attention – Through Genius offline learning app, teachers can pay personal attention to students and clear their doubts if any through extra sessions. Those students who feel shy or can’t ask their doubts can easily without any hesitation solve their problems via consultation through the genius app.

– Live Learning Classes – This is the friendliest feature of teachers and professors. Live learning makes it easier for teachers to make the students understand the concepts, basics and the topics which might theoretically seem complex or boring.

– Covers Various Academic Syllabus – Genius offline learning app is equipped with study material of both CBSE/ICSE board education. This is a plus to teachers as for different boards they don’t have to switch their teaching patterns.

– Regular Assessments – Assessment is an integral part of teaching. Manual assessments are quite a time taking for teachers. Genius offline educational app supports auto assessments. It has inbuilt assessments after every chapter to assess a student’s capability and detect the areas of improvement. This saves a lot of time for teachers.

– Unique Conceptual Learning –With various audio, video and multimedia support, Genius offline learning app offers gamified learning, making it fun and interesting for teachers to teach and students to learn & remember it with ease.

– Supports Voice Notes –To help students in learning & memorising- Rhymes, alphabets, numbers, theorems, events, etc genius app offers voice notes format. Teachers can record various important notes which the students can pause, rewind and repeat it as and when required to learn at one’s own pace.

– Friendly Features – Avoiding many complexities, genius series best app for teachers is built with friendly features, easy to use and manage, saving a lot of time of teachers in learning the functionalities.

– Learning from Anywhere, Anytime – As Genius is an offline educational app, teachers can teach from anywhere anytime, making it convenient for themselves and students without letting studies suffer.

Genius offline learning app is thus a boon to teachers in this digital era, which not only makes their role easy but also upgrades their teaching patterns making them competitive enough to educate the students with innovative techniques using various multimedia tools.