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Genius: Best Educational App for Preschoolers

The world is now spinning through a digital transformation in every arena. Schools are now turning into digital schools via online learning. So from an early age the Lil geniuses, the pillars of our future are inclined towards innovation & smart learning thereby improvising their cognitive & analytical skills.
With multiple websites, software & apps coming up for digital learning, G-TEC Group of Institutions being one of the well- known name in education networks has launched – Genius offline learning app.

Genius series is an offline learning app which runs without internet, yes, it’s the only app which requires no internet, no wifi or data connection to use it. Made for classes kg to +2, including syllabus of CBSE, ICSE boards, it is loaded with unique features to help your child learn and succeed with fun.


GTec Genius Series Offline Learning App - kids learning app

Features of the best Preschool Learning App

Offline Learning without Internet – Being the only learning app which runs without internet, Genius offline series offers your child with a worry-free environment where he can study without the hassle of internet connection, poor connection or low data balance.

– Personal Attention – Unlike a physical school loaded with a bunch of students, Genius offline learning app supports various multimedia tools and helps your child study with ease by giving personal attention via special mentors to get his base and concepts clear.

– Live Learning Classes – An interactive session and live learning is much more impactful than general theoretical classes. Making studies interesting, Genius educational apps for preschoolers is a must-have for your child in these competitive times.

– Multiple Academic Syllabi – Genius offline learning app is equipped with study material of both CBSE/ICSE board education.

– Regular Assessments –Learning without assessment is like hitting an arrow in the dark. Without assessment, one can’t know where one stands. Genius offline learning app therefore avails assessments after every chapter to check your child’s status of understanding it and see whether any further guidance is needed for the same.

– Conceptual Learning – Concepts play an important role in making a base for further complex learning for your child. With various audio, video and multimedia support, the Genius preschool learning apps makes it possible to learn the concepts with gamified learning so they can learn & remember it with ease.

– Supports Voice Notes –A perfect feature which helps your child in learning & memorising- Rhymes, alphabets, numbers, etc is genius app voice notes format. One can pause, rewind and repeat it as and when required to learn at one’s own pace.

– Easy Built-in Functionalities – Built with unique functionality, Genius offline learning app is easy to operate and can be manageable by parents and teachers without much guidance or hassle.

– Affordable – When compared to annual tuition fees of your child, the Genius offline learning app is an affordable choice with many extra benefits. It includes no hidden costs.

– Subjects Included

Genius learning app includes subjects like Language, Science, GK, Mathematics, Rhymes etc

It’s like a digital school where you child can learn and write letters, alphabets, poems and numbers, shapes, fruits, birds, animals, cartoons, flowers, places, habits, moral science, etc and get assessed about his progress and improvements of the same.

For perfect guidance, better understanding, easy and innovative learning which is economical too, Genius learning app should be the first choice for your Lil preschooler.
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