Career in Django

Django Career

We can better understand the django career by below points.


Scope of Django:

  • Django has more number of generators when compared with other web development languages, management tools for dependency, different libraries, API support.
  • Django has an integrated CSS framework.
  • Django is a Python-based modern tool that is used extensively on the back end of websites.
  • Django has numerous client-side dependencies.
  • Django is a client-side Python framework similar to Angular.js or other JavaScript-based frameworks.


Companies use Django:

2108 companies reportedly use Django in their tech stacks, including YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Disqus, Spotify, Udemy, Robinhood, Delivery hero, Coursera, Accenture, trivago, etc.


Skills Required to Become a Django Developer:

  • System Programming in Python
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Web Scripting
  • GUI Skills
  • Mathematical and Scientific Calculations


Django Job Salaries:

According to PayScale, the average annual Django Developer salary in India is Rs. 6,04,000 LPA, whereas Glassdoor stats show that the national average Django Developer salary is Rs. 5,50,000 LPA. Both these stats depict that the Django Developer salary in India is quite decent, considering there are plenty of job opportunities emerging in this particular domain (Django).

In India, an entry-level Python Developer with Django skills can earn a starting salary ranging between Rs. 2.4 – 3.8 LPA. The salary increases with increasing experience. A mid-level Django Developer (with 6-8 years of experience) can earn an average annual remuneration of around Rs. 5.8 – 10 LPA or more. Professionals having more than 10-12 years of field experience can earn high salaries ranging between Rs. 15 – 28 LPA and more.