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Age Group : 8-11

G-Coderz Adventure is a fun way for elementary school students to understand robotics and coding. Over 50 gamified missions with easy to follow walkthroughs and tips. G-Coderz Adventure introduces your students to the fascinating world of STEM and robotics through an exciting journey and adventures in G-Coderz world. Students will learn how to program a virtual robot to navigate in G-Coderz Frozen Island, the Lost City, Candy Town, and other exciting locations while practicing basic math, geometry, and more.

Course Outline and Learning Objectives

Adventure Peak - Kids Online Learning - GTecVesu
Frozen Island - G-coderz Adventure
The Lost City - G-coderz Adventure
Crystal Crater - G-coderz Adventure
Candy Town - G-coderz Adventure
Sketch It - G-coderz Adventure
The Milky Way - G-coderz Adventure

G-Coderz Adventure

Course Fee: Rs. 2999 + GST