Increase your kids brain skill -


Aptitude and Skill Assessment Program Report or simply ASAP report let you know the Thinking Skills of your kid in 15-20 minutes through very simple but globally standardized AI platform via Brain puzzles. This is for the age group 3 to 13 years which they can take on any Internet-connected device including smartphones or laptops.

The reports give an easy illustration of their current thinking skill/brainpower index called BSPI and the scores they earned for MemoryVisual Processing, Focus and AttentionProblem Solving, and Language Skills. Apart from a brain report, you get insight into their talents, aptitudes, and current skills so that you help them build on it meaningfully and take them to their best.

The test is built on a cognitive engine that is scientifically prepared to enhance their Higher Order Thinking Skills or HOTS. Once you know their Brain Skill Power Index, you can help them improve this from 20-40% with our CLP (Cognitive Learning Program) which is an online software where the kids can practice the five core brain skills for a year. CLP comes with 3 ASAP tests and a one-year practice subscription.

To register your kid to take the test, click on Register Now Button and make the payment in G-TEC Payment Portal. You may have to select ASAP Test and pay for the test. You will receive a User Id and Password in 24 -36 Hours normally over your mail.

Course Fee: @ INR 500 | INR 300